Recurring charges in SAP BRIM in an integrated scenario with SOM (Subscription Order Management) and CC (Convergent Charging)


 In SAP BRIM, recurring charges can be calculated and posted in two ways:

1) Using Billing plan in SAP Convergent Invoicing
2) Using recurring rate functionality in SAP Convergent Charging.

This blog is focused on the second method.

Recurring price conditions are maintained in SAP Subscription Order Management. These conditions are maintained in the following IMG path:

In a given subscription order, pricing conditions are determined via S4 HANA pricing functionality. Condition records are not replicated to convergent charging, rather, all fields in the condition record that impact the determination of the condition record are grouped into a key known as Price Key and it is the Price key that is replicated to Convergent Charging. These Price Keys are transferred to CC via Data Replication Framework.

In SAP Convergent Charging as part of the Master Data configuration, a charge is configured with the Recurring rate component added to it. Charge is assigned two parameters:

a) Table_Name – This table belongs to the mapping table class ‘Price Table’

b) Price_Key – Price Keys transferred from SAP SOM at the time of order creation are stored here.

In the recurring rate component of the Charge, comparator “Mapping Table Introducer” is added. In this comparator’s definition, mapping table class is set as “Price Table”, mapping table field is set as TABLE_NAME (i.e., parameter from Charge is linked here) and mapping property of PRICE.KEY field is set as PRICE_KEY (again, parameter from Charge).

This Charge is then assigned to a Charge Plan. Charge Plan must have two external parameters to expose the mapping table and the mapping table keys to the provisioning system i.e. SAP subscription order management system.

The charge plan is then assigned to a subscription product in cross catalogue mapping in SAP SOM.

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