Assessing Scenarios in SAP Utilities with ISU_ASSESS Workflow

Assess workflow is a standard workflow that is triggered when the actual meter read received is lower than the previously estimated meter read.  If the previous over-estimate meter read(s) has been billed, the workflow would perform adjustment reversal of the billing document(s), and then re-estimate the meter read for that billing period(s).  If the previous over-estimated meter reads are not billed yet, the workflow would perform re-estimation directly. The re-estimated MR will show the MR type “05- Re estimated after overestimation – SAP”

Assessing does not deal with meter overflows but with overestimated meter readings.

When you have an assessing scenario, Standard SAP Triggers the event ASSESSED in the Business object – ISUCONTRCT.

This triggers a workflow ISU_ASSESS. (Provided the event linkages have been set up properly for execution). This workflow reverses the billing and re-estimates the meter reading based on the actual meter reading results.

There were some issues with this workflow earlier (binding issues in the container) because of which the workflow used to be triggered unexpectedly.

This unexpected trigger of the workflow was fixed in this note: – Note 1531335 – ISU_ASSESS binding definition is incorrect.

Also, we have an enhancement EDMASSES (IS-U: customer-specific checks for assessments (over-estimation)) to define customer-specific criteria for processing estimations.

Note: – Assess workflow deals with estimated meter readings and not with meter overflow i.e., if the actual meter reading is less than the previous actual meter reading then asses will not be triggered.

Now how does the system identify an assessing case?

  1. Determination of consumption C1, which occurs between the last actual meter reading result and the current meter reading result. The meter reading results that lie between are ignored.
  2. Determination of consumption C2, which occurs between the last actual meter reading result and the last estimated meter reading result. The meter reading results that lie between are ignored.

    If C2 > C1, an assessing case arises.

Function module ISU_EVENT_ASSESSING checks whether assessing is required. Once the workflow has been triggered, the corresponding billing documents are reversed, and the relevant meter reading results are re-estimated in function module ISU_ACTION_ASSESSING.

Scenarios for Assess workflow

First scenario: There is an Actual Billed meter reading on 1st Feb and subsequently Estimated Billed meter reading on 1st March and 1st April.


Billed Estimated Reading

Now we have an actual meter reading on 1st May. It would give an error, just press ‘Release without Correction’ and save.

Actual Meter Reading on 1st May

Once this is done we see that the workflow has gone to the last Actual reading on 1st Feb and all Estimated readings after this date have been re-estimated. The Meter reading type has been changed to 05 from 03.  Now here it re-estimated both the earlier Estimated readings because the Actual reading on 1st May was less than both the Estimated readings. Also, the ‘Billed’ status has been changed to ‘Billable’. Adjustment reversal in action.

Assessing done for last 2 readings

Second Scenario: If the Actual reading is less than just one of the earlier Estimated readings let’s see what happens. Here we have the same scenario as above only the dates have changed.

Actual Billed reading on 1st May followed by Estimated Billed reading on 1st June and 1st July.

Billed Estimated reading till 1st July

With an Actual reading on 1st August,