Common T-codes in SAP Convergent Invoicing- 1

Consumption Items:
FKKBIXCIT_MON: To Display the consumption items
FKKBIXCIT02_TRANS: To Transfer consumption items in raw status to the unrated status.
FKKBIX_RATE_S: To execute rating of consumption items
FKKBIX_RERATE_S: Reversal of rating and execution of rerating for consumption items
FKKBIXCIT_CWB: Manual creation and update of the consumption items
FKKBIXCIT_UPLOAD: Creation of consumption items through mass upload

Billable Items:
FKKBIXBIT_MON: To Display the billable items
FKKBIXBIT02_TRANS: To Transfer billable items in raw status to the billable status.
FKKBIXBIT_CWB: Manual creation and update of the billable items
FKKBIXBIT_UPLOAD: Creation of billable items through mass upload
FKKBIXBIT_REV_S: Reversal of billable items

Billing Documents:

FKKINVBILL_DISP: Display Billing Document
FKKBIX_S: Create Individual Billing Document
FKKBIX_M: Mass Execute Billing
FKKBIX_MA: Mass Execute Billing (Parallelized)
FKKINVBILL_REV_S: Reverse Billing Document
FKKBIXBITB_MON: Display Billing Worklist
FKKINVBILL_REV_MON: Display Reversal Requests

Invoicing Documents:

FKKINV_S: Create Invoicing Document
FKKINV_M: Mass Execute Invoicing
FKKINV_MA: Mass Execute Invoicing (Parallelized)
FKKINVDOC_DISP: Display Individual Invoicing Document
FKKINV_REV_S: Reverse Invoicing Document
FKKINV_MON: Display Invoicing Orders
FKKINV_REV_MON: Display Reversal Request

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